Cash 4 Clothes

Deciding what to do with your unwanted clothes can be quite a chore. Perhaps you’ve just cleaned out your closet. Maybe your children have outgrown their wardrobe, but you can’t think of anyone to pass it down to. In the past, thrift stores were a viable option for used clothing. However, such stores have become crowded and may refuse your donation. Instead of putting your clothes in the garbage, consider trading them with Cash 4 Clothes.

Cash 4 Clothes buys clothing from private individuals and companies, then sends it to Third World or poverty-stricken countries. Once they reach their destination, used clothing items are given to needy families. If clothes are not in good enough condition to be given away, they are used in industrial applications. They may be used as wiping cloths in a variety of factories. They may find a new life as insulation.

Getting cash 4 clothes is easy. You can visit our West Midlands depot at Cash For Clothes. If you are unable to visit a depot, we will be happy to pick up items from your home. Simply call our offices and we will arrange for a driver to pick up your used goods. Payment will then be made. We also buy, belts, bags, shoes and books.

For each 10 kilo bag of clean, non-branded clothes, you could be paid up to five pounds. If you have designer items that have never been worn and still have their tags, we could buy them for up to twenty pounds per 10 kilo bag. In addition to earning cash for your clothes, you will also be contributing to a meaningful cause. Many families in Third World countries or countries with extremely high poverty have no way to buy clothing. Children may have nothing to wear, leaving them exposed to the elements.

Selling your clothes to Cash 4 Clothes is also a great way to Recycle Clothes . Our organisation keeps clothing out of landfills. We do our part to be sure that everything you donate will either be given to individuals or used in industrial applications. Call us today to arrange pick up of your items.