Money For Old Clothes

Do you have clothes that you no longer need? We can offer money for old clothes. We also accept belts, bedding, bags, shoes, CD’s, books and various other items. We can even pick them up at your home or office. By using our service, you get Money For Old Clothes and you can earn some extra cash and prevent the clothes from going to waste.

We ship most of the items to developing countries where many people cannot afford new clothing or books. We also send some clothes to businesses that reclaim the fiber or use them for cleaning rags. Either way, people use the clothing for new purposes rather than discarding it. Clothes Recycling benefits the environment and society in general.

An added bonus is that you will have more space in your wardrobe or dresser. This makes it easier to find the clothes that you do wear. An excellent time to use our service is when you plan to buy or rent a new home. You can save time and money by reducing the number of unwanted items in your moving truck and can get Money For Old Clothes.

The prices that we can offer money for old clothes vary depending upon the condition and weight. Typically, we pay up to 65p a kilo.  The clothes must be clean and free of mildew. We pay different rates for books and new clothes; they should be bagged separately.

You may contact us via telephone, text messaging, email or the form on our website. We will schedule an appointment to pick up the old clothes at your home or business. We can usually send transport within 24 hours. You don’t need to wait long for Money For Old Clothes to be paid.

Cash For Clothes pickup service is available throughout the West Midlands region, including Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Shrewsbury, Stafford and other cities. We also operate depots where people can drop off clothing and can get money for old clothes. This is a good option if you live outside of the West Midlands or cannot arrange a suitable time for us to pick up the clothes.